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Can I use any mouse with the OrbiLight ring light?

Most, but not all mice work with the ring light, and some mice work better than others.  See Mouse Compatibility for restrictions and suggestions.  Binary Works has selected a quality wired and wireless mouse that work well with the OrbiLight ring light.

I have a mouse with no wheel on it.  Can I at least use the left and right buttons on the mouse even though it has no wheel?

No.  A non-wheeled mouse will not work at all with the OrbiLight, and the buttons will not work.  See Mouse Compatibility.  You can operate the OrbiLight without a mouse albeit with limited functionality.   This may be desirable for situations where totally hands-free operation is desired, or where there is no suitable workspace for a mouse.  Functions are limited to the five auto-rotating presets, one preset being all LEDs on.  See Demos for demonstrations of these functions.

Will a five button mouse work?

Yes, as long as it is PS/2 compatible.  Only the left and right buttons will be functional.    See Mouse Compatibility

Will a USB mouse work?

USB mice will function with the OrbiLight as long as they come with a PS/2 adapter.   Be very careful to only use the USB to PS/2 adapter supplied for that specific mouse model.   The USB to PS/2 adapter supplied by the manufacturer of a USB mouse may not function properly when used with another manufacturer's USB mouse, and may exhibit "flakey" behavior.   See Mouse Compatibility.   

What do I do with the mouse driver software disk?

Nothing. The OrbiLight ring light does not need software drivers.  All necessary software drivers are incorporated  into the programming of the OrbiLight.  Software drivers that may be supplied with a mouse are useful only when installing the mouse on a PC and are not needed when installing the mouse on the OrbiLight ring light.

Does the ring light use a PC?

No.  It is completely self-contained and requires no external computer or control box.  The mouse plugs directly into the ring light.

What comes with the OrbiLight ring light?

The OrbiLight ships with a wired or wireless mouse, an AC adapter and a user manual.

Will the ring light fit my equipment?

The OrbiLight accommodates lens diameters from 1.3 inches to 2.6 inches (33mm to 66mm), and has a working distance of approximately 3 to 9 inches (76mm to 229mm).  Weight on the lens is minimal due to light weight aluminum construction.   See full mechanical specs.

What connects to the ring light?

A mouse and the AC adapter.  That's all.  If the mouse is wireless then a small transmitter module protrudes 3 inches (76mm) out of the mouse connector instead of a mouse cable.  This assumes that the wireless mouse is supplied by Binary Works.  If you purchase a wireless mouse, note that some wireless mice have a transmitter module that sits on the desk and connects to the system via a long cable.

Can I use a trackball mouse?

It is perfectly acceptable to operate the OrbiLight using a track ball mouse as long as it has the wheel function and is PS/2 compatible. The wheel function on a track ball mouse may be in the form of a ring around the ball.  All track ball PS/2 mice have the equivalent of a left and right mouse button.

Are the extra buttons on the wireless mouse of any use?

No.  The extra buttons shown in the picture of the wireless mouse sold by Binary Works are not used by the OrbiLight ring light.  Only the left and right buttons are used.  See Mouse Compatibility.

How long is the wire for the AC adapter?

The AC adapter cable is 6 feet long.  See full AC adapter specs.

Will the AC adapter run on 50 cycle, 230 volts?

Yes, the AC adapter is a universal power supply that operates on any voltage from 100 to 240 volts and any frequency from 50 to 60 Hertz. 

Will the wireless mouse work if we use Bluetooth devices?

There is no problem using the wireless mouse supplied by Binary Works in an environment where Bluetooth wireless (cordless) devices are in use.  

What color or tint is the white light?

The Orbilight emits white light at a color temperature of approximately 7500 degrees kelvin.   Ultraviolet and other colors are available by special order.   Feel free to contact us regarding any special needs.


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