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You Supply Mouse

The mice supplied by Binary Works for use with the OrbiLight Ring Light are high in quality and tested for good functionality and usability.  If you choose to use another mouse then please review these important requirements:

Requirements for a user supplied mouse 

Any PS/2 wheeled mouse (sometimes called a "scroll" mouse) may be used with the OrbiLight. Mechanical and optical mice work equally well.

Wireless mice work as well as wired mice, as long as they have a wheel function and are PS/2 compatible.

USB mice will function with the OrbiLight as long as they come with a PS/2 adapter.

CAUTION: The USB to PS/2 adapter supplied by the manufacturer of a USB mouse may not function properly when used with another manufacturer's USB mouse, and may exhibit "flakey" behavior. ONLY use the USB to PS/2 adapter supplied for that specific mouse model.

Non-wheeled mice will not function at all on an OrbiLight ring light.

A track ball mouse (table-top or hand-held) may also be used as long as it has a wheel function and is PS/2 compatible. 

"Five-button" wheeled mice may also be used, however, only the left and right buttons will be functional.

Mouse motion sensitivity

We have seen some mice that have more sensitivity to motion than normal mice. A mouse with increased sensitivity will produce faster LED rotation at a given speed of mouse rotation as compared to a normal mouse rotated at the same speed. Some users may find this undesirable.

You should test any mouse you are considering using on the ring light to determine if it meets your needs. Note that if you are currently using the mouse on a PC, then it will exhibit the same increased sensitivity that will be experienced with the ring light, but only if it is being used at the default sensitivity and has not been altered in the PC software preferences.

Software drivers are not needed

The OrbiLight ring light does not need software drivers.  All necessary software drivers are incorporated  into the programming of the OrbiLight.  Software drivers that may be supplied with a mouse are useful only when installing the mouse on a PC and are not needed when installing the mouse on the OrbiLight ring light.



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